Top Reasons to Get a Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrating is an important process that ensures you preserve food for future use. This process is done by the help of a dehydrator machine. You can also try dehydrating the food yourself without a machine. Either way, you need to know the advantages of dehydrating food. The truth is that drying food has many health benefits. The following are some of the reasons to get a food dehydrator:

Enjoy Nutritious Food

Dehydrating food retains the original minerals, natural enzymes, and vitamins better as compared to other methods of cooking or preserving food. For instance, dried fruits such as plums, grapes, and cranberries have more antioxidants than fresh ones. This is quite important in the modern world where chemically altered foods provide minimal value. You should also note that some foods especially fruits are seasonal. Therefore, when you dehydrate these foods, you can maintain their nutritional value and ensure you eat healthy throughout.

No Chemicals or Preservatives

The food dehydrating machine does not use chemicals or preservatives when drying food. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about harmful ingredients or chemicals being introduced into the food. In fact, your home-dehydrated veggies and fruits can be good even for a whole year. Commercially-dehydrated foods last for many years.

Save Money

There are different ways of saving money. Think about purchasing food in bulk at discounted prices and then dehydrating, and having it readily available at any particular time of the year. Since some foods are seasonal, they are cheaper when in-season. You will also be making few trips to the grocery and thereby using less fuel. Additionally, you can prepare gourmet foods, such as kale chips and sun-dried tomatoes without added preservatives, oils, sugars, or salts.

Easy Storage and Preservation

When you dehydrate food, all moisture is removed. This inhibits bacteria growth and ensures that your food is safe and preserved much longer. Also, you reduce the size of food making its storage to be easy. As a result, you have healthy foods in the kitchen for extended period without being concerned about it spoiling. Therefore, you should invest in vital storage items such as mason jars. With all these you can avoid store-bought foods.

Make a Variety of Home Foods

It is true that homemade snacks and meals are better than their packaged or restaurant versions. This is because you have freedom of controlling ingredients. With batch preparation, you will always have several healthy options at your disposal. Modern food dehydrators do more than just dehydrating food. You can use the machine to make homemade items such as herbal teas, dried herbs, fire starters, dried flowers, dog treats, and paper. Thus, other than saving money and eating delicious foods, dehydrating can help improve different aspects of your life.


When you get the right food dehydrator you can prepare your healthy, delicious foods and preserve them for months. Also, if you like traveling, you can do away with messy snacks and prepare your own at home. What is the need for fast foods when you can have access to nutritious dried veggies, grains, and fruits?



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